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Supervisions and Service

I have supervised over 35 graduate students (9 doctoral students and 29 MA students). In 2018, I was honoured by the School of Graduate Studies at Queen's University with the Excellence in Supervision Award.


I am passionate about graduate training, co-initiating and continuing to coordinate the Political and Legal Thought MA Programme, and initiating and continuing to coordinate both the Political Philosophy Reading Group (for graduate students and faculty in Philosophy, Political Studies, and Law) and the ‘Justice League’ research group (for my graduate students). I am also an active member of my Department, Queen's University, and the academic community more broadly, serving on many review boards, committees, and trusts, both inside and outside the University. 

Supervisions: PhD

Christine Koggel, ‘A Relational Theory of Equality’

Chris Lowry, ‘Sen’s Capabilities Approach and the Problem of Disability’

Kyle Johannsen, ‘The Methodology of Political Philosophy’

Ryan McSheffrey, ‘A Restorative Theory of Criminal Justice’

Jeremy Butler, ‘Democracy, Instrumentalism, and Power as a Trust: On the Foundations of Political Instrumentalism’

Omar Bachour, ‘From Alienation to Self-Realization: Pathologies of Late Modernity, Work, and the Successful Life’

Brennen Harwood, ‘Immanent Criticism as Method in Social Philosophy: Avoiding the Risks of Arbitrariness and Authoritarianism’

(current) Yuanjin Xia, ‘Care Labour and the Abilities/Needs Principle’

(current) Sheri Lucas, ‘Reconciling Traditional Philosophy and Academic Philosophy’

Supervisions: MA

S. D’Arcy, ‘Subject-Object Identity and Ontological Difference: Hegel, Marx and Heidegger’

Sascha Maicher, ‘Multiculturalism and Autonomy’

John Haffner, ‘Charles Taylor’s Faith’

Peter Snell, ‘Karl Mannheim’

Harjinder Deol: ‘A Critique of Multiculturalism’

Will Hutcheson, ‘Morality and Politics in the Real World: An Argument for the Adoption of Utilitarianism’

Anthony Wright, ‘A New Theory of Property’

Tara Ostner ‘Property and Liberty’

Kijin Sung, ‘Neutrality, Toleration and Religious Belief’

Alexandra Mitredosis, ‘Liability and Criminal Responsibility’

Tristan Rogers, ‘Property and Liberty’

Clara Morrisey, ‘The Rights of the Corporation’

Gregory Affleck ‘Equality and Responsibility’

Christina Malezis, ‘Equality and the Charter’

Aidan Hayes ‘Cohen and Rawls’

Aidan Wakely-Mulroney ‘The Scope of Obligations for Global Justice

Will Brooke, ‘Social Capital’

Brennen Harwood ‘Equality and Global Justice’

Miriam Szabari ‘Personal Obligations and Distributive Justice

Joanna Tinus, ‘The Reasonable Person’

Owen Clifton, ‘A Defence of Associative Duties’

Jonas Monte, ‘Ethics and Personal Identity’

Leigh Clark, ‘Diversity and Equality’

Jun Sang, ‘Community and Patriotism’

Jack Padega,‘Nationality and Cosmopolitanism: Toward a Broader Affective Identity’

Sean Davidson, ‘Egalitarian Perfectionism’

Jonathan Astras, ‘The Sources of Solidarity: Negotiating the Horizons of Indigenous-State Relations between Moderate and Radical Views’

Rileigh Jackson, ‘What is Emancipatory Art?’

Eden Elliott, ‘Ethics and The Other: An Interpretation of The Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas’

Josh Mosley, ‘Respect Egalitarianism and Egalitarian Perfectionism’

Sheridan Carr, ‘Restorative Justice’ (Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis MA)

Aidan Testa, ‘Cohen v. Nozick on Self-Ownership’

Caleb Masters, “An Analysis of Contempt as a Moral Attitude: Considering Contempt’s Role in our Moral Life”

James Collacutt, ‘“To Honour Survivors and All the Children Who Were Lost”: TRC Call to Action #81 and the Question of Appropriate Memorialization’ (Political Studies MA)

Jessica McMullin, ‘The Moral Agency of Commercial Corporations’

(current) Mana H. Khosrowshahi, ‘An End to Left-Wing Melancholia: Reconciling Socialist Utopia with Liberal Human Rights Values (at Iran Academia)

Professional Service: Referee/Editorial Work

  • Referee for Mind, Critical Journal of Social and Political Philosophy, Res Publica, Journal of Social Philosophy, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Political Theory, Queen's Quarterly, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Canadian Philosophical Association, Polity, Political Studies, Queen’s University Intergovernmental Affairs Institute, Broadview Press, University of Toronto Press, York University Philosophy Department, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press.

  • External Reviewer, Master’s in Equality Studies, University College, Dublin, 2021

  • Member, European Research Council Social Sciences Grant Panel, 2020

  • Reviewer for Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), January 2019

  • Reviewer for CRC programme, August 2017

  • Member, 2005-6 Philosophy Committee for the Research Grants Programme, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Ottawa

  • Member of the Res Publica Editorial Board

  • Member of the Queen's Quarterly Editorial Board, 1990-2000

  • Associate Editor, Canadian Review of Constitutional Studies, 1995-2000

  • Member, Adjudication Committee for the C.B. Macpherson Political Theory Prize, 1999

Professional Service: Departmental Service

  • July 2017-2023, Head of Department

  • July 2017-2023, Ex-officio Member, Nominations Committee

  • July 2017-2023, Chair, Appointments Committee

  • July 2017-2023, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

  • 2016-2023, Co-initiated, and continue to co-coordinate, the Political and Legal Thought MA Programme

  • 2013-2023, Chair, Equity Committee

  • 2013-2017, Coordinator of Graduate Studies

  • 2013-2017,  Member, Appointments Committee

  • 2012, Co-authored Philosophy Department Cyclical Programme Review Self-Study

  • 2011-2012, Chair, Promotions and Renewal Committee

  • 2010-2011, Member, Board of Undergraduate Studies      

  • 2010-2011, Chair, Equity and Women’s Concerns Committee

  • 2010-, Initiated, and continue to coordinate, ‘Justice League’ biweekly graduate research group for my MA and PhD students

  • 2009-2011, Instituted and organize Philosophy Coffee Mornings for faculty and graduate students every two weeks

  • 2009-2010, Member, Board of Graduate Studies

  • 2006-2007, Chair of Undergraduate Studies (July 2006-Jan. 2007)

  • 2004-, Member, Promotions and Renewal Committee

  • 2000-2005, Chair of Undergraduate Studies

  • 2000-2005, Member of Board of Undergraduate Studies

  • 2000-2005, Member of Promotions Committee

  • 2000-, Initiated, and continue to coordinate, Political Philosophy Reading Group interdisciplinary discussion group for graduate students and faculty

  • 1998-2014, Editor, ‘Philosophy at Queen’s,’ Department Newsletter

  • 1998, Member, Organising Committee for the 1998 Ontario Philosophical Society Conference

  • 1996-7, Co-Chair, Visiting Speakers Committee

  • 1991-5, Coordinator of Graduate Studies

  • 1990-, Member of various committees in the Philosophy Department: Board of Graduate Studies and Committee of Graduate Studies; Board of Undergraduate Studies and Committee of Undergraduate Studies; Promotion and Tenure; Appointments, Nominations


Professional Service: Faculty & University 

  • 2021, Member, Organizational Culture Working Group, reporting to the Principal

  • 2019-, QUFA representative on Merit Working Group 

  • 2018-2019, Humanities representative, Strategic Plan Working Group, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • 2018-2022, Humanities representative, Advisory Committee for Committee of Departments, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • 2018, Invited to serve on mentor panel, workshop for new heads, Queen’s (declined as away at ANU)

  • 2017-, Initiated and organise ‘Fabulous Lady Heads’ social and networking group of women heads in Faculty of Arts and Science

  • 2017-2023, Member, Committee of Departments

  • 2016-2022, Provost’s Delegate, Senate Educational Equity Committee, Queen’s

  • 2016-2018, Member, Board of Studies, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • 2013-2017, Member, Graduate Arts Council

  • 1999-, Established and continue to organise ‘Political Philosophy Group,’ a group made up of faculty and graduate students in Philosophy, Political Studies, Law and Policy Studies; the group meets biweekly to read discuss contemporary readings in political philosophy, hear each other’s work in progress and host talks from visiting speakers

  • 2010-2011, Member, Search Committee for Head of Philosophy

  • 2009-10, Chair, Internal Academic Review, Department of Art (responsible for conducting meetings, overseeing the writing of the final report)

  • 1999-2007, Member, Advisory Committee to the Principal for the Queen’s National Scholarship Programme

  • 2006-7, Member, Faculty Board of Arts and Science  

  • 2005-7, Member, Advisory Research II and V Committee for Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • 2005-July 2007, Chair, Advisory Research Committee II

  • 2005-6, Chair, Advisory Committee for the Centre for Study of Democracy

  • 2000-1, Member, Internal Academic Review, Department of Political Studies

  • 1999-2001, Member of Adjudication Panel for S.S.H.R.C. Doctoral Fellowships in Division II, School of Graduate Studies

  • 1999-2001, Member, Chancellor’s Scholarships Committee

  • 1999-2017, Participant in Frosh/Prof Colloquium, Orientation Week

  • 1999-2000, Member, Search Committee for Head of Philosophy

  • 1998-2001, Member, Queen’s University Senate

  • 1998-2001, Member, Senate Committee on Academic Development

  • 1998-2001, Queen’s University Faculty Association Representative, Equity Sub-Committee of the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Collective Agreement

  • 1998-9, Faculty Member, Advisory Committee for Municipal Affairs Commission, Alma Mate Society

  • 1998-9, New Faculty Mentor, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • 1998-9, Member, Department of English Appointments Committee

  • 1998-9, Member, Department of English Promotions Committee

  • 1998-9, Chair, Board of Studies

  • 1996-9, Member, Board of Studies, Faculty of Arts and Science

  • 1996, Member, Graduate Minority Award Selection Committee

  • 1995, Member, Advisory Committee for the Selection of the Dean of Arts and Science, Queen's University

  • 1993-5, Member, Status of Women Committee, Faculty of Arts and Science, Queen's University

  • 1993-4, Member, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Board

  • 1992-4, Member, Principal's Advisory Review Committee on the Status of Women at Queen's

  • 1992-5, Member, Division Two Advisory Subcommittee on Research

  • 1990-5, Member, Graduate Council, Queen's University

Professional Service: Beyond Queen's University

  • 2017-, Member, National Trust (Canada)

  • 2017-, Member, Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy

  • 2001-2008, Member, National Trust (England)

  • 1999-, Member, Canadian Philosophical Association

  • 1994-, Member, William Morris Society

  • 1986-7, Member, Socialist Philosophy Group, Fabian Society, U.K.

  • 1985-6, Founding member, Oxford University Socialist Discussion Group

  • 1982-3, Student member, Presidential Advisory Committee on Institutional Strategy, University of Toronto, appointed by Dr. James Ham, President; a task force of administrators and academics

  • 1981-2, President, Political Economy Course Union, University of Toronto

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