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  • Not In My Backyard’, commissioned for ‘Agora’ Philosophy column in New Statesman, UK political and cultural magazine, 8 December 2020

  • Backyard Ethics: Defending the NIMBY’, The Philosophers’ Zone, Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio programme, 1 July 2018; re-broadcast on CBC Radio on 13 January 2019

  • 'Christine Sypnowich’, Into the Coast, 15 August 2018

  • ‘Christine Sypnowich,’ interviewed in Profile Kingston magazine March 2017

  • The Concept of Socialist Law – an Interview with Christine Sypnowich by Jack Marsh,’ Rebel News, 21 October 2015

  • ‘A Venerable Institution: The Philosophy Colloquium,’ article in Arts and Science Newsletter, September 2004.

  • London Review of Books, (‘Unreliable Friends’) 16 March 2000.

  • (with Will Kymlicka and Arthur Ripstein) ‘The Public Good’ with Lister Sinclair, Ideas, CBC Radio, 29 November 1996.

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